Messages (5) Remembering Paul (Prof.Paul Barbara)

It was almost 3 years ago when Prof. Paul Barbara was hospitalized due to his heart disease in Austin. Just before it happened, we met him in Ferrara where the IUPAC symposium on photochemistry was held. He had become smart and lost weight, and we were a little afraid to see his quick change. We enjoyed talking and finally he did not allow me to pay by saying that Ferrara is Italy.

We always remember Paul and his family, and we could do late August 2013. On returning way after attending SPIE meeting in San Diego, I stopped for one night in San Francisco and met Mrs. Suzan Hopkins, a sister of Prof. Paul Barbara.

It was very nice to see her and to chat about Paul. We were very happy to know Paul's young days, personality, families, dogs, and ........more and more. We find our understanding on Paul is deeper and deeper. We acknowledge Paul for giving us a marvelous dinner even after he passed away 3 years ago.

We hope to record so many things about Paul, but time is limited. So here I attach a small copy of the condolence for Paul in Japanese Photochemistry Association News which I and Dr. Furube wrote.

                                               September 1st, 2013
                                               Hiroshi MASUHARA

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