Message(25)From Sendai to Taiwan remembering late Professor Tetsuo Nozoe

Attending the Reaction Dynamics Symposium in Taipei

This symposium was organized as the 2015 Commemorating 20th Anniversary of Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences of Academia Sinica on November 10-11, 2015. The Institute is located in the main campus of National Taiwan University in Taipei and the surrounding atmosphere is very favorable for research. The symposium was started by two opening remarks by the lady director Dr. Mei-Yin Chou and the former director and Nobel Laureate Prof. Yuan-Tseh Lee. One of my purposes to attend this symposium is to see Prof. Yuan-Tseh Lee, so I am very happy to meet him and also very glad to understand that he is still very active. I remember the 21st International Conference on Photochemistry in 2003 which I organized with Prof. Kin-ichi Obi as co-chairs. Prof. Lee kindly came to Nara, presented a plenary lecture, and in addition had a general lecture to citizens in Japanese. It was so nice and exciting and was reported in newspapers.

In this symposium Profs. Sheng-Hsieh Lin, Yuan-Pern Lee, Jim Jr-Min Lin, Ming-Chang Lin, Chi-Kung Ni et al. are listed as Taiwanese lecturers and Drs. Toshimichi Hayashi and Kaito Takahashi are as Japanese permanent staff of the Institute. Many American and Japanese scientists in the relevant fields are invited and deliver interesting topics. The main subject is focused on reaction dynamics and far from mines, while I feel very satisfied. It is indeed one of the best chances to see nice scientists and to feel Excellence of Taiwan Science.

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