Messages (10) Opening Remarks at NCTU-NAIST-ITRC Joint Workshop

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

I am very happy to see active students of NAIST and it is indeed my great pleasure to host visitors from Nara. This workshop aims to share recent progress on research in Laser Bio/Nano Science by reporting what we are doing and by discussing on related topics of mutual interests. I believe this Workshop is fruitful not only in studying our science but also in mutual understanding and communication.

Taking this opportunity I would like to remember and/or introduce our history between NCTU and NAIST. I and Prof. Miura shifted to NCTU from NAIST in 2008 and have extended our research in the past six years. Then three years ago Dr. Yuyama and Prof. Sugiyama joined us from NAIST to NCTU and ITRC, respectively, so very strong pipe between NCTU and NAIST is now working, which is listed as below.

1) Academic exchange program.

2) The university-level workshop was started in 2009 and now extended to the annual 3 pole joint workshop involving GIST (Gwanju Institute of Technology in Korea).

3) The laboratory-level mini-workshop on Laser Bio/Nano Science has been organized 3 times.

4) Collaboration was started very early between Masuhara laboratory and Prof. Kao’s laboratory of National Yang Ming University, and is extended also to Prof. Liau’s laboratory. Prof. Hosokawa has had a main role in the collaborations.

5) A special fund was set in NAIST for supporting visiting mutually among NAIST, NCTU, and ITRC.

I think we have various chances to develop further our relation and actually I hear that the dual degree program is prepared now. When it starts, both students of NCTU and NAIST can learn and conduct research in both university and are given two degrees from both university. I can say our future is bright and we will be one of pioneers extending university activity in Asia. Please present and discuss sincerely. Through the poster session and the following dinner our communication will be enhanced, which will give us nice experience more than science.

January 25, 2014
Hiroshi MASUHARA, Chair Professor of NCTU

 NCTU; National Chiao Tung University
 NAIST; Nara Institute of Science and Technology
 ITRC; Instrument Technology Research Center

NCTU-NAIST-ITRC Joint Workshop on Laser Bio/Nano Science
January 25th, 2014
National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)
Tin Ka Ping Photonics Center, 6th Floor, Elevator Hall

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