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2014/12/09 Message: Short Comment for APC
2014/01/27 Message: Opening Remarks at NCTU-NAIST-ITRC Joint Workshop
2014/01/03 "Journal Paper 2014" uploaded
2013/11/14 Dr. Michel Sliwa wins the bronze medal of CNRS, and Hiroshi Masuhara gives lectures for him
2013/10/09 "Journal Paper 2013" updated
2013/10/01 Selected for "ACS Live Slides
2013/09/22 "Journal Paper 2013" updated
2013/09/01 Message: Remembering Prof. Paul Barbara
2013/08/07 Get featured on the back cover of "Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan"
2013/08/07 Get featured on the cover of "Science Progress"
2013/08/07 Give remarks at the banquet of ICP 2013
2013/08/07 Give opening remarks at the Post-Conference ICP 2013
2013/01/13 Department seminar by Prof. Kitamura, including introduction of MASUHARA ERATO project
2013/01/07 "Journal Paper 2013" uploaded
2012/12/28 "Journal Paper 2012" updated
2012/12/24 Established Masuhara Lectureship Award and history of the Asian and
              Oceanian Photochemistry Association (APA) v2012/11/21 "Journal Paper 2012" updated
2012/10/25 Give opening remarks at The 7th Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Symposium
2012/10/01  Invited to Department seminar of Institute of Biophotonics, National Yang Ming University
2012/09       Hiroshi Masuhara attended a kiff-off meeting of Belgian IAP project in Leuven
2012/09/18 Give closing remarks at the banquet of Yamada Conference 66
2012/07/12 "Journal Paper 2012" updated
2012/04/28 Invited to give a lecture at Solvay Colloquium (Belgium)
2012/04/04 "Journal Paper 2012" updated
2012/04/02 Give a Commemorative Lecture for a ceremony at Tohoku University
2012/03/22 Appointed as a member of International Scientific Committee of "MOLECULAR PHOTONICS"
2012/03/18 "Journal Paper 2012" newly uploaded
2012/03/07 "Journal Paper 2011" updated
2012/02/17 Invited to give a lecture at AIST-ANNA Seminar
2011/12/19 Bio-nano Science Seminar held in memory of the late Dr.Kenji Suzuki
2011/12/12 The first Workshop of Micro Chemistry held
2011/12/12 Serves as a moderator for a public Symposium by CREST Project
2011/11/30 Invited to "BELSPO ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING as an International Advisory Board Member
2011/11/22 Highlighted by NPG Asia Materials
2011/11/19 Invited to give a lecture at 2011 RCAS-ANNA Symposium
2011/11/14 Give an opening speech at the 4th MEXT “Photon Frontier Network” Symposium
2011/09/30 Hamano Junichi Laboratory of Laser Bio/Nano Sience Commemorative Events held on Sep. 30th, 2011
2011/09/02 Hiroshi Masuhara Website Redesigned
2011/07    Elected as a Fellow of The National Academy of Science, India
2010/11    Given "the Asian Photochemistry Association Award"
2010/06    Awarded "the Mukai Prize" from Tokyo Ohka Science and Technology Foundation in Japan
2010/03    Bestowed a fellow of the Chemical Society of Japan
2010/02    Given the "Mizushima Raman Lecture Award of Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI)"
2009/07    A special issue of "The Journal of Physical Chemistry C" featuring Hiroshi MASUHARA was published
2008/11    Awarded "the Medal with Purple Ribbon" from the Japanese government
2005           A special issue of "PPS" featuring Hiroshi MASUHARA was published