Journal Paper 2019
  1. Jia-Syun Lu, Tetsuhiro Kudo*, Hiroshi Masuhara*
    “Assembling and dynamic ejection of polystyrene particles in CW laser trapping at solution surface”
    Proc. of SPIE Vol. 11141, 1114101_62-64 (2019).

  2. Wei-Yi Chiang*, Jim Jui-Kai Chen, Anwar Usman, Tetsuhiro Kudo, Kangwei Xia, Jia Su, Teruki Sugiyama, Johan Hofkens*, and Hiroshi Masuhara*
    Formation mechanism and fluorescence characterization of a transient assembly of nanoparticles generated by femtosecond laser trapping
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (45), 27823-27833 (2019).

  3. Jim Jui-Kai Chen, Ken-ichi Yuyama*, Teruki Sugiyama*, and Hiroshi Masuhara*
    In-situ reflection imaging and microspectroscopic study on three-dimensional crystal growth of L-phenylalanine under laser trapping
    Applied Physics Express 12 (11), 112008_1-5 (2019).

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