Research Achievements before 2005

  International Conference 1994
  1. The IVth International Symposium on “Intelligent Molecular Systems with Controlled Functionality” -Molecular Systems and New Experimental Techniques- December 12-14,1994 (1994.12.12)
    Time-resolved spectroscopic and interferometric studies on photophysical and photothermal processes of organic molecular materials

    Hiroshi Masuhara and Hiroshi Fukumura

  2. XVth IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry July 17-22, 1994 (1994.07.17)
    Picosecond regular reflection spectroscopic studies on ultrafast photothermal conversion of phthalocyanine solid

    Musubu Ichikawa, Hiroshi Fukumura, and Hiroshi Masuhara

  3. the 6th International Symposium on Advanced Nuclear Energy Research “ Innovative Laser Technologies in Nuclear Energy” March 23-25, 1994 (1994.03.23)
    UV laser ablation dynamics of liquids as revealed by nanosecond time-resolved spectroscopic and photographic measurements

    Yasuyuki Tsuboi, Koji Hatanaka, Hiroshi Fukumura, and Hiroshi Masuhara

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