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  International Conference 1997
  1. Seventh Japanese-Belgian Seminar on Polymer Scence November 2-5, 1997 (1997.11.02)
    Photoinduced Transient Expansion / Contraction and Ablation Dynamics of Polymer Films by Nanosecond Interferometry

    Hiroshi Masuhara

  2. XXX Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale September 21-26, 1997 (1997.09.22)
    Time-Resolved Microspectroscopy and Interferometry of Organic Mesoscopic Materials

    Hiroshi Masuhara

  3. XVth International Conference on Photochemistry August 3-8, 1997 (1997.08.03)
    A New Development in Laser Microchemistry

    Hiroshi Masuhara

  4. New Aspects of Photochemistry and ReactionDynamics July 20-23, 1997 (1997.07.20)
    Benzyl radical dynamics in laser ablation of benzene and related solutions

    K. Hatanaka, T. Asahi, H. Fukumura, and H. Masuhara

  5. 213th ACS National Meeting April 13-17, 1997 (1997.04.13)
    Nanosecond Photographic, Interferometric, and Spectroscopic Studies on Laser Ablation and Related Phenomena of Polymer Films

    Hiroshi Furutani, Hiroshi Fukumura, and Hiroshi Masuhara

  6. The First IAE International Symposium on Advanced Energy February 19, 1997 (1997.02.19)
    Mesoscopic Manipulation and Fabrication of Organic Materials by Laser Beam

    Hiroshi Masuhara

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