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  International Conference 2003
  1. International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2003) December 7-12, 2003 (2003.12.07)
    Mechanism, New Phenomena, and Bio-application of Femtosecond Laser Ablation

    Hiroshi Masuhara

  2. 4th Chitose International Forum on Photonics Science & Technology Dec 3-4, 2003 (2003.12.03)
    Nanometer-Nanosecond Photothermal Heating and Cooling Dynamics of Polymer Films: Mechanism and Its Bio Application

    Hiroshi MASUHARA, Takuji TADA, Yoichiroh HOSOKAWA, and Chie MATUBARA

  3. 7th International Conference on Organic Nonlinear Optics / International Conference on Organic Photonics and Electronics (ICONO'7 /ICOPE 2003) Nov. 4-8, 2003 (2003.11.4-8)
    Organic nanoparticles: Fabrication, characterization, and dynamics by laser

    H. Masuhara, T. Asahi, T. Sugiyama. and H. Kawai

  4. 9th Japan-Belgium Symposium on Polymer Science Nov. 9-12, 2003 (2003.11.09)
    Laser Spectroscopy and Fabrication of Organic Materials toward Nanotechnology

    H. Masuhara, T. Asahi, T. Sugiyama, and H. Kawai

  5. Japan-France Conference on Molecular Photonics and Biophotonics at Micro and Nano-scale (JFC2003) October 26-29, 2003 (2003.10.26)
    Mechanism and Bio-application of Femtosecond Laser Ablation

    H. Masuhara, Y. Hosokawa, and T. Asahi

  6. 11th Conference on Unconventional Photo-active Systems (UPS'03) September 14-18, 2003 (2003.09.14)
    Near-Field Photothermal Modifications of Surface Morphology, Fluorescence Properties, and Polymer Conformation in Poly(substituted thiophene) Film

    Hiroshi Masuhara

  7. The International Nanophotonics Symposium Handai July 24-26, 2003 (2003.07.24)
    Spectroscopy, photochemistry, and fabrication of single nanoparticles

    H.Masuhara, T.Asahi, T. Itoh, S. Ito, Y. Tamaki

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